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Elite Program

12 Month Program
Estimated 80+ Sessions
Individual / Private Group Training
Session Time 60-90 minutes
$195 Monthly

The Elite Program is set to provide Year-Round training which will encompass complete player development. 11 Month Program + 1 Month Rest in July

***All players must be selected for this program thru tryout or invitation.  

Developing a complete soccer player is quite complex as there are numerous aspects that players must focus on developing at the same time in order to achieve their maximum potential all year long.  The main focus of the Elite Program is to develop an understanding that the race is a marathon and not a sprint.  This process involves a bigger understanding of the picture trying to be painted and what should be your primary area of focus at any given time throughout the course of the year.  Once their is a full understanding of the goals required to maximize your potential, the best way to cover the ground needed is through Periodization.

Periodization is what sets the Elite Program above all other training methods.  Through periodization players will spend various weeks on specific topics which are aligned with their Year-Round Travel Season.  These topics will also be revisited continually in order to combine all the aspects into achieving one goal - maximizing a player's potential.   Components such as Core Strength, Fitness, Endurance & Speed are staples in this program which ensures maximizing year round growth and long term success.

The Elite Program also includes Specialized Private Group Training which are specific to a players ability level.  These Sessions are included in addition to a players regular group training and are tailored to provide players with challenging sessions which will increase players ability to take on information and advance their skillset.  These sessions are scheduled 2 times per month directly with the Staff.

Additional pre-season training included in August and March.

Pre-Season Fitness & Preparation (Fall & Spring)
Core Strength 
Endurance & Fitness
Speed & Agility
Ball Manipulation & Footskills
Crossing & Finishing
Passing & Ball Striking
Free Play
Soccer Tennis

Pre-Season Training : Full Fall & Spring Season Preparation 

Focus is to fully prepare players mentally and physically for the demands of a highly competitive soccer season through rigorous Fitness demands.  Includes Fitness Testing, Increasing Anearobic & Aerobic Conditioning, Core Strength, & Circuit Training.

Speed Training : Running Form & Sprint Training

Focus is to continually improve Running Technique through agility drills, equipment, sprint slopes and coaching that will help players be more efficient in their body mechanics.

Agility & Coordination :  

Focus is to provide a consistent level of weekly agility training which helps each player increase foot speed and improve coordination.  Improving these movements will aide players in achieving their maximum physical development.

Ball Manipulation & Mastery :  Foot & Ball Speed combined with Creativity

Focus is to obtain maximum comfort level with the ball through repetition and dribbling patterns which promote muscle memory.  The increased comfort level on the ball will allow players to have more time on the ball to make the best decisions as possible on the field.

Passing & Receiving :  Year round focus of all Passing Elements required at the highest level of the game.

Focus is to provide an understanding of all the Passing Techniques required to play at the elite level, this requires a year round focus of developing advanced levels of short and long range passing skills which can only be mastered through professional coaching and year round repetition.  

Crossing & Finishing :  Periodization will allow players of the Elite Program to focus on these aspects during the Spring, Summer & Fall Weeks.  

Focus is not only on the Technique of Crossing & Finishing but also the timing of movement and runs towards goal which is equally important as the actual technique being applied to each situation.

Free-Kicks :  Learning to bend, curve and manipulate the ball around players is an extremely advanced technique which will be addressed when the players have reached a certain maturity level to accomplish these tasks, as well as, be able to take on the information required to change their technique through adjustments provided through professional coaching.

Focus is to provide specific days where players are allowed to completely focus on improving technique through continual repetition and feedback in a small group or individual setting.   

Free Play & Soccer Tennis :  These are elements that are encouraged inside and outside of training times, which allow players to try things outside of their normal constrictive training environments.  This freedom to try new things with various levels of groups, promotes creativity and exploration which might not be possible or allowed in a typical team environment.  

Player Profiles : Player Profiles are created to keep continual track of a players progress through out the course of their development.  

Payment Plan

Please see payment plans options below. If you have any questions please email: [email protected].

Elite Program123456789101112Total
Pay in full$2,340$2,340
Monthly Payments$195$195$195$195$195$195$195$195$195$195$195$195$2,340

Registration Listing

2021 Elite Training Program

The Elite Training Program is a 12 month professional training program for U11 - U19 players . The ELITE Program is designed to supplement a players Club Training. Giving players a balance between club play and individual training. 

Players who accept their position in the ELITE training program are expected to attend all sessions. Elite training is designed for committed, dedicated players and parents.

Please read thru the full program description at If you have any questions please email [email protected]

Elite Training Program August Start

Registration closes on 08/06/2021 at 12:00 AM
Season Dates: 08/02/2021 to 07/31/2022

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